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It's time once again for the OTW fundraising drive! I've committed my own money and time to the OTW because I believe in its mission and because I personally love the AO3 from the bottom of my heart, and the drive is a chance for everyone who loves the AO3 and/or the OTW and its projects to show their support for the same. In particular, you're investing in the future of the AO3, and your money will go to the support and preservation of fanworks in a very real way. <3

Visit the donation page! (And then once you've done so, please tell people about it!)

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Date: 2013-10-04 10:49 (UTC)
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Thanks for the reminder! I'm worried about structural issues in the OTW and whether some non-best practices will eventually create critical impediments to its development, but ultimately glad that it's chipping away at its organizational faults-- however much time and effort that takes-- and grateful for its services, existence, and intent. Sending my no-name envelope for the year off tomorrow. :D