Jul. 25th, 2015 23:22
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Just a quick note to request even more so than usual that if you know my wallet name or other account names to please not associate them with this account or my other wallet name social media accounts. My wallet name has come to the attention of a hate campaign and I'd really prefer that they not know about the existence of this account. Thanks!

Luckily I got really paranoid about this exact eventuality about six months ago and spent several weeks attempting to put all the security precautions on the Geek Feminism guide into practice. I highly recommend doing the same to everybody, particularly people who think they have a legitimate risk of becoming a target of this particular campaign or similar.

As part of my increasing and increasingly justified paranoia I've also attempted, albeit somewhat haphazardly, to prune my access and subscription lists here on DW. I mostly focused on accounts that have been inactive for more than a year, but if I've cut you and you're still around, drop a line here to let me know--comments are screened.