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Inspired by [personal profile] coffeeandink's attempt at public accountability, and based on my previous year's reading habits, I've come up with the following list.

2016 Reading Resolutions

1. Read 100 books. 
    Last year I read 84. This is definitely doable.
2. Read 50 books owned since 2014 or earlier.
    I have something around 200 physical books sitting around unread. E-books probably adds another hundred or so. This has got to change.
3. Read 25 books by writers of color.
    I've varied from 19 to 46 every year I've tracked this, with 24 last year. Totally doable.

4. Read 10 books in translation.
    I'm bad at this partly because I read a lot of Japanese books. But this is totally doable, particularly given that I just bought the VanderMeer Winter Mix Tape book bundle, with the collected Leena Krohn books in it, over Christmas.

5. Purchase no more than 52 books.
    This may be unrealistic, and I'm not sure how to count ebooks versus physical books versus digital comics (which I frequently buy in single issues for sales but count as volumes for the purposes of tracking reading). Whatever; it's a start.