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The Festivids reveals are up, and you can see that I made three vids this year! 

[personal profile] sweetestdrain made me my excellent Byzantium vid, Remain Nameless! You should go get your fill of lady vampires if you haven't already, IJS.

My assignment was Relations of Life for [personal profile] niyalune, and I also made Galaxyrise as a treat for niyalune. Last but not least, I made Automatic Joy as a treat for [personal profile] winterevanesce.

I had a pretty good time with Festivids 2K15. I finished both vids for niyalune within six weeks, and then wound up finishing Automatic Joy just a few days before the deadline. I'm tempted to say, maybe next year when I'm not moving continents I should aim to make four Festivids, but I think three is a good number. I've been floored and flattered by the response to each of these vids, but especially to Galaxyrise, so let me just say, thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on all of them! I'm so glad you liked it.

I borked the links that the mods put up and have sent the correct versions to be edited into the masterlist. Next year I'll get this process right on the first go, I swear--third time's the charm, right?  ETA: As DW grows increasingly senescent, things continue to break; it appears that Critical Commons embeds, as well as Sendvid, don't work here anymore, and with my own browser/script configuration I can only view CC embeds…on tumblr. I'll be looking into alternatives for these problems over the next few days. /eta

In the meantime, you can access streaming and downloads through the individual links on this post, and there will be AO3 and tumblr posts for all three eventually too. See you next year!