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Dear Equinox-er,

First off, thank you for making me a vid! I love vids, and quite honestly I would be happy to see a vid in any of these fandoms. I have suggested music for some of them, but please don't feel bound by what I've suggested, and I have no qualms about oft-vidded songs, either. And while a lot of these fandoms are very close to my heart, I will be very happy to see vids for them regardless of anything.

Looper (2012)
I liked Rian Johnson's movies before The Last Jedi became a lighting rod in pop culture, and I still think about this one a lot. You can read my original take on the movie.

Star Trek: First Contact
The best of the TNG movies, and one of the best Trek movies, period. There's less of the crew in the 21stC than I would like, but anything for this movie would be great. You can read through my star trek tag.

Tron: Legacy (2010)
I always wanted to make a Club Vivid showstopper for this one. Maybe you can do that instead. You can read my original review of the movie.

I was very into this silly show when I was very young and didn't know any better. I still remember the one where everyone sued everyone else constantly and the one where America was still part of the British Empire and the prince married a commoner from San Francisco. Anything would be great.