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I managed to avoid being spoiled for the ending, which I'm glad about. 

I guess I didn't really believe until Spock and Michael said their farewell that Discovery wouldn't be coming back. Starfleet officers are always gallant, and Discovery's crew proved themselves perhaps the bravest and most gallant of all. And they will never even be celebrated for it; they swiftly pass into rumor, and then will be forgotten. It's profoundly sad, particularly for those they leave behind, who can't even speak of them. Even if, as my friends and quoted Picard to each other when the episode finished, "What we leave behind is not half so important as how we have lived."

That said, I'm very glad that I was right and that the connections to the Borg were entirely a figment of people's imaginations. I never liked this theory, because it felt too much like a retread of TNG and Voyager, and also because Voyager already covered the origin story of the Borg! There was a whole bunch of episodes about the Caeliar and all that jazz! It's not my fault if no one has watched the later seasons of Voyager; I haven't watched them either, but I have read Memory Alpha, and everyone else can do that too. TNG fans need to step off, they're getting a whole other Picard series. 

As for what awaits Michael and Saru and everyone on the other end of the rabbit hole…I truly have no idea. I hope the life they find in the future they chose is just as good as the one that Spock made without his sister in his time.

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Date: 2019-04-24 15:16 (UTC)
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"...on pain of treason..."

That part of the process leaves a sour taste. That it will be Spock's suggestion that makes it a crime to know and mourn properly for those others left behind...