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What I'm reading
Still The Lives of Christopher Chant. Somewhere about the halfway point I started to like Christopher, however, so that's something. Also, Throgmorten is the best. I'm also plugging away at Joan Wallach Scott's The Fantasy of Feminist History, which is interesting and good but not the book I was hoping it would be--she is way too Freudian for my tastes. Sigh. Why are all the interesting people Freudian.

What I just read
Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think." It was written in The Atlantic in July 1945, and Bush as the head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development knew that the bomb was about to be tested, about to be dropped, and about (as he thought) to end the war, and in this article he basically says, "That was great! Let's do it again! In fact, let's invent the internet." I've also been reading a lot of the X-Men Big Bang fics, and I wanted to give a particular plug to The Legend of Raven: Prince of Dreams by pangea. It's one of the best fanfics I've read in years, and I am in awe of the way she managed to convey the experience of being the player character in a game--and particularly in a Zelda game, circa N64 or Twilight Princess--and also the way she managed to convey the actuality of the PC/NPC interaction (i.e., NPCs and sprites talk to the PC, but the PC never talks back, just has to choose from a menu of actions) without making it feel one-sided. My hat is off to her. Go read it.

What I'll read next
Still A Natural History of Dragons. Also I should read If He Hollers Let Him Go. And Still Forms on Foxfield is staring at me from the bookshelf--I have an extra copy of it, so if anyone wants it, let's talk.

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I'm going to Tokyo via special rapid train on Friday and coming back Monday (special rapid trains are not actually that fast; depending on connections, the trip takes nine or 10 hours) and I'm leaving Japan in three weeks and AUGH. Naturally, instead of doing the myriad things I need to do I have been reading fic. And manga. And writing fic too.

A small selection of XMFC fanworks

Things that remind me of Synthesis )

AUs and WIPs )

And finally, two more vids that return us to canon
[personal profile] kuwdora's Tonight I'm Fucking You
Erik Lehnsherr, BAMF. Hot and tragic and did I mention hot? I think this vid is now the vid for this song, for me.

[personal profile] trelkez's My Number
Erik/Charles, Scott/Jean, Logan & Rogue
I think, of all the vids I've seen spanning all four movies (which, let's note, are two separate canons), this is by far the best--beautiful and sad and compassionate, too.
starlady: Charles/Erik: "Are you ready for this?" "Let's find out." (we are together at last though far apart)
X-Men First Class
Relevant to my current interests; is it 1992? )

On another topic entirely
Draculoids Will Never Hurt You by [ profile] sassbandit and [ profile] were_duck
My Chemical Romance (Killjoys 'verse)
Gerard hates his job in the art department at BLI. The only good part of his day is hanging with the smokers downstairs, especially Frank, who shares Gerard’s frustration and rebellion against the corporate norms. But when Frank is fired, Gerard quits his job too, and with Mikey’s and Ray’s help, sets off to find Frank, irritate Korse, and turn art into revolution.

I've been hearing about this fic for months, and now it's finally here! I've never read bandom fic before in my life, and I don't know that I will again, but this fic is so good, it's the postapocalyptic anti-corporate art-based music-making revolution fic that you never knew you needed in your life, but you do, YOU DO. ♥ The master post contains art and three fanmixes, too. ♥


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