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Why yes, I am avoiding finishing my paper rewrites by translating this, since you asked.

!!! page 01
Now there is only to proceed

Even if you understand
That you will not arrive further down the road.

Chapitre 217: The Magic Words
!!! page 02
Jr.: Wha...

Watanuki: These people...
!!! page 03
Jr.: You're not Sakura...

Father and...
!!! page 04-05
Lady Sakura: It'll be all right...definitely.
!!! page 06
Lady Sakura: ...Saying that, she lent power to me, whom she met in a dream.

The same existence as I,
From another world.
!!! page 07
!!! page 08
Sakura: This is your precious item, isn't it?

I can still be with everyone, even without the staff, [TN: "Everyone" is written "the cards."]

FX: Rustling

You too will
!!! page 09
Sakura: Definitely
Be all right.
!!! page 10
Lord Shaoran: In order to choose the future.

FX: Magic

Jr.: !?

FX: Roar
!!! page 11
FX: Movement

FX: Roaring

FX: Blazing

FX: Gasp

FX: Magic
!!! page 12-13
!!! page 14
Mokona: What!?

FX: Howling wind

What is this!?

FX: Sudden movement

FX: Sudden impact

Fai: Don't leave here!

FWR: You bastards!!
!!! page 15
FX: Rumble

Lady Sakura: We won't let you

Lord Shaoran: Break the world.

!!! page 16-17

OMG. Yes, your parents will come save you! And you know, FWR, turnabout is fair play!

So, that's four sets of Shaorans and Sakuras by my count: originals, clones, CCS characters, and the parents of Watanuki and Shaoran Jr. I'm referring to this last set as "Lord Shaoran" and "Lady Sakura" to distinguish them from the CCS characters. The clones are dead, and the originals I refer to as "Princess Sakura" and "Jr."

CLAMP have totally psyched us out. I love it.

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