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Am obscurely pleased to be drinking a good cup of coffee right now. Let's get to it.

!!! page 01
Princess.: No.

That you two were captured, and will be made to separate again,
Is just like the future I saw in the dream.

Chapitre 228: Overlapping Emotions.
!!! page 02
Sakura Sr.: How is that...

Princess Sakura: Since I was seeing,
Always, even when I was within stopped time, through you--

What you saw.

Sakura Sr.: !

Jr.: Why did you take her hand!?
Knowing that you'd be caught up...
!!! page 03
Shaoran Sr.: Because she knew!

Princess Sakura: So I understand
Just how much you care for us.

Shaoran Sr.: I told you, didn't I?

That your existence was precious to me.
!!! page 04
Shaoran Sr.: The same goes for me.

Sakura Sr.: The same goes for me.
!!! page 05
Sakura Sr.: Certainly it's difficult to change the things we saw in dreams.

FX: Howling wind

FWR: You damned clones!

I'll smash that to pieces!

Kurogane: They'll--!
!!! page 06
FX: Bang

FX: Vong (strong magic)

Fai: I know!

FX: Roar
!!! page 07
FX: Roar

FX: Whoosh

Fai: !?

FX: Blaze

FWR: I said you're in the way!!
!!! page 08
FX: Bang

Mokona: Augh!

!!! page 09
FX: Whap whap whap whap...

Mokona: That's the same as was at Yuuko's...

...that Clow made.
!!! page 10
FWR: Regarding those I dragged into this without their permission,

You can't break it!
!!! page 11
FX: Rumble

FWR: You damned clones!!

FX: Rumble

FWR: From this world--
I'll erase you from every dimension!

FX: Rumble
!!! page 12-13
Kurogane: DON'T

FX: Roar


FX: Blaze
!!! page 14
FX: Crunch

FX: Wheezing

SSSS: !!
!!! page 15
Mokona: Fai! 
!!! page 16
Sakura Sr.: Changing what we saw in dreams

Princess Sakura: Is difficult, but

Jr.: If we are with those people

Shaoran Sr.: Who journeyed with us,

All: We can change the future.

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