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My reading list is full of smart, awesome people.

[personal profile] thefourthvine - I routinely laugh so hard that I cry. Reviews, recs, fun times.

[personal profile] dmp - Steampunk from a chromatic perspective, among other interesting things.

[personal profile] alixtii - Fannishness from a femmeslasher's perspective

[personal profile] damned_colonial - Great writer, fascinating posts

[personal profile] jonquil - dispatches from the Left Coast

[personal profile] cofax7 - linkspams galore: always interesting, frequently crucial

[personal profile] yhlee - Festivids mod, awesome writer, vidder and composer (She just wrote me a poem!)

[personal profile] rydra_wong - No need for an introduction, really.

[personal profile] merrily - light-hearted Sunday linkspams