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Actually the Shakespeare post comes later, but regardless, Happy Birth- and Death-day, Mr. Shakespeare! And Happy Birthday, [personal profile] recessional!

[community profile] tenwomen - 10 stories, 10 female characters, 1 year, 1 challenge.

[community profile] sagarawest - comm co-modded by me, for all your Michelle Sagara West books & fandom needs!

[community profile] thebainherald - comm modded by me, for all your Garth Nix books & fandom needs!

[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw - celebrating Dreamwidth's one year anniversary with three weeks of DW-exclusive content. I'm so excited.

Also, on the book fandom front, I've been contemplating the idea of importing [ profile] youngwizards, and also possibly creating a Megan Whalen Turner comm along the lines of [ profile] sounis. Thoughts?