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[community profile] followfriday - how have I not recced the comm for this until now?

[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw - three weeks of DW-exclusive content, all awesome.

[community profile] queering_holmes - fandom in the interstices between scholarship and squee, the sort of purposeful (mis)reading for which i love fandom in the first place. ♥

[community profile] clampnews is crossposting from DW now! mwa ha ha!

[community profile] animanga_news - a pan-animanga newsletter, and pretty awesome.

[community profile] rocket_to_the_future - I just joined this community for space exploration and travel, living in the future, and transhumanism.

from [personal profile] zvi's questions in the comm -

interesting personal journals (so hard to choose, augh! there are so many interesting people here, my entire circle is interesting)
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That's enough for now. Happy Birthday, Dreamwidth! Stay awesome.