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The end! Many thanks to Simple Scanlations for bringing me on to this project (they're still looking for donations), and many thanks to my faithful commenters, particularly [ profile] ki_ng and [ profile] csg_dear4life, for encouragement and typo-spotting.

!!! page 01
Final Chapter: Toward the Future
!!! page 02
FX: Crumbling

Harvest: Augh!

Wh…what did you do?

Hei: I turned your power,

As it is now, inside out.

Harvest: Inside out…

Hei: You're defeated,
!!! page 03
Hei: ……Disappear.

There is no place for you in the future.

Harvest: What…are you…

Hei: ……As long as they have support, people can proceed forward.
They can fight.

They protect their connections
With those they care about.
!!! page 04
Hei: Amber had that too.

Azusa came here to regain that.

You can do nothing but destroy that.

That's why you can't move forward.

Harvest: …

……Tha, that--

The shard chose the future…
Chose you…means…

…Or maybe…

Yin: …
!!! page 05
Harvest: …Whatever.


Death is appropriate

For me…

Hei: ……

FX: Stagger
!!! page 06
Yin: Hei.

FX: Rumbling

FX: Shining red

FX: Flinching

Misaki: Shi--

…The light's color has changed!?
!!! page 07
FX: Claxon

Abigail: …Augh!

Auugh, my head…

…It won't…st…op…

FX: Crash!

FX: Shattering fragments

Saitou: ……The collapse has stopped…?

Parcel: Not yet.
The light's still…

If that light doesn't stop…
!!! page 08
Blondie: !!!?
What the hell!?

Parcel: Woah!

FX: Mesmerizing

FX: Confusion

Saitrou: My eyes are dazzled…

Parcel: Aaauggh!

FX: Shining red

Misaki: !!!

!!! page 09
FX: Shining

Misaki: !……

There's no sense of its size anymore.

Is it far away? Is it in front of my eyes?

Can I…
Get through?……

FX: Radiating

Misaki: !?

FX: Radiating

Misaki: Professor Schroeder's anti-Gate particle irradiation device…

…With this!
!!! page 10
FX: Grip

FX: Casing blowing off

FX: Expanding

Misaki: When you hold this, make your consciousness clear…

Can the shard be nearby thanks to this?

!!! page 11
Misaki: This is a treatment

That can be used only once…

FX: Shining

Misaki: Using this now would be…

Voice: Use it.

The black dandelion has vanished.

MisakI: !?

A voice……

Voice: That child is fine now.

Misaki: Who are you?

Where are you?

Voice: Only you can stop it.


Yin: Hei.

Misaki: Shi…

…Got it.
!!! page 12
Misaki: It's all or nothing…!!!

FX: Ka-click

FX: High-pitched noise

FX: Rattling

Misaki: Can it stop…

Stop it…!!

FX: Rattling

FX: High-pitched noise

FX: Rumbling

Yin: Hei.

FX: Rattling

FX: Coming apart

FX: Grasp

Hei: Yin.
!!! page 13
FX: Snapping

Misaki: Ah!

FX: Thump

FX: Flash

FX: Glittering

FX: Rustling
!!! page 14
Saitou: *Gasp*

Blondie: It's back to normal!

Parcel: !

FX: Helicopter blades


People: ?


Man: *coughing*

Man: ?
…What the hell was I doing?

FX: Crumbling

FX: Breeze

Misaki: ……

FX: Sitting up

Earpiece: …Misaki.



Can you hear me, Misaki?
!!! page 15
Misaki: Kanami…

Kanami: Misaki!?
Thank goodness! Are you all right?

Misaki: …Yes, somehow.

I stopped it, but…

…The girls aren't here…

I'm going to look for them.

FX: Coughing

Misaki: Anyone?

If you're here, answer!


FX: Clatter

Misaki: !
!!! page 16
Misaki: !!?

FX: Footsteps



FX: Sudden

Misaki: Wait!


!!! page 17
Azusa: Farewell.

Farewell, Mr. Mask.

Misaki: ……

He got away again.
!!! page 18
Misaki: He's always…

Helicopter: Chief--!!!

FX: Helicopter blades

Text: …In this way the series of incidents revolving around the black dandelion drew to a close.

Saitou: Chief!!

FX: Helicopter blades

Misaki: Those guys…

Yanagi: …I see. So it fell?

Text: It wasn't possible to find the corpse, but
Harvest's death was confirmed from Messier code of the star that fell at the same time.

FX: Beep

FX: Exhaling

Envelope: Resignation

Yanagi: This isn't necessary anymore.
!!! page 19
Text: All the black dandelions that spread out over Yokohama withered.

Along with the meteor shard,
They turned into dust and vanished.

Blondie: Wa…

Saitou: What?

Text: It was almost like

Blondie: The kid with the ears is gone…

He was just here a second ago…

Text: There was nothing there from the beginning.

Misaki: …Tsukimori Azusa-san, right?

Azusa: …

Misaki: …Is that shirt that girl's?

Azusa: …Yes.

It's the last shirt she wore…but,
!!! page 20
Azusa: …She really was different.
…What was here was just her memories and emotions…

FX: Dropping

Misaki: Oh…

Azusa: The real her died at the water tower behind the school building.

…You're from the police…right?

Misaki: Hm?

Azusa: Please arrest me.


Misaki: ……
!!! page 21
Misaki: …All right.
Come with me.

But before that…

We'll treat your leg.

Azusa: All right.

Abigail: So you chose the road of not running away, huh…
……Well, not being able to run away is the same as us.

Right, Commander?

FX: Licking

Nishijima: Shi……
!!! page 22
Hei: Shall we go, too?

FX: Appearing

Parcel: If you like, I can escort you.
!!! page 23
Parcel: I promised, didn't I?

Hei: …What about your wounds?

Parcel: The one above my hipbone is sewn shut at the surface.

The medicine's doing its job now.

Hei: You should rest.
Don't concern yourself with us.

Parcel: Are you saying you don't need my help?

……The Syndicate is going to be after you guys right away.

Will you two be okay?

Hei: ……

We'll be fine.

FX: Opening

Parcel: …I see.

In that case this is goodbye.
!!! page 24
Parcel: Don't cry.

FX: Swallowing slowly

FX: Shrinking closed

FX: Quickly

FX: Whoosh

The end.

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Date: 2011-02-27 23:03 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You are totally awesome! Thank you for continuing to translate these till the end. *BIG HUGS*

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Date: 2011-02-28 04:19 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're welcome!

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Date: 2011-03-05 04:28 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thanks for translate this manga i hope you translate from the new vol the extras or if they have some new page.

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Date: 2011-03-05 20:40 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah the end (too short) of this wonderfull manga !!! thanks a lot for translating it!! hope it will be animated or even an other story of Darker Than Black in manga :p thanks again \o/


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