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I bet you thought I was dead, translation-wise, huh? Well, I'm not. I'm working on Gate 7 08, and if anyone has links to Japanese raws for Gate 7 09 and the Drug & Drop prologue, send 'em my way.

In the meantime, thanks to [ profile] cutesherry, I can bring you the Kobato epilogue! My translation is below the cut.

!!! page 01
Epilogue: Happiness
!!! page 02
Zuishou (sings): The weather's nice today too~
The sky's clear, and the customers are great~

The customers really have increased lately.

Genko FX: Heh.

Genko: That's because my baumkuchen are just too delicious.
This color…perfect…♥

Kobato: That's really true!!

FX: Surprised breath

Ioryogi FX: Hmpf

Ioryogi: Aren't you singing your own praises too much?

Kobato: Hello,
Genko-san, Zuishou-san!
!!! page 03
Genko: Hey, missie.
You can come in through the door rather than the window today.

FX: Door opening

Kobato: That was only until middle school.

Ioryogi FX: Pat pat

Ioryogi: It'd be nice if you'd only done it until middle school.

Genko: You're looking lively enough today, missie.

FX: laughter

Kobato: Before, when I was unhealthy, even moving was impossible. All I did was sleep.

I'm glad that I can move my body how I like,
!!! page 04
Genko: I understand how you feel, but don't overdo it.
You'll make that heavenly demon who hangs around with you worry.

FX: Patting

Kobato: …Right.

FX: Rage

Ioryogi: You can't be talking about me, can you?

Genko: Yeah. If you heard it, you got it, right?
!!! page 05
Ioryogi: Hey, do you want some of this!

Genko: Come and get it!

FX: Rumbling

Zuishou: Baumkuchen today, too?

Kobato: Yes.
Fujimoto-san loves

Bear's Baumkuchen too.

Zuishou: But,

FX: Snickering

Zuishou: With that serious face, you wouldn't think he'd like sweets.

Text: At work

Fujimoto: Huh?!

Kobato FX: Giggling

Kobato: From the outside, he does look like he wouldn't eat them.
!!! page 06
FX: Crashing

Zuishou: He's a very embarrassing store-owner. This is also outside of expectations.

FX: Banging

Kobato: Ioryogi-san eats them without complaining.

Sweet things and alcohol.

FX: Crashing

Zuishou: As much as that one does feel embarrassment, he's not delicate about it.

Neither is our Genko-san…

Ioryogi: Say it once more!

Zuishou: *squawking*

Kobato: Where's Ginsei-san?

Genko: He's in the garden, with a customer.

FX: Noogies

Kobato: Then would it be better not to bother him?

FX: Struggling

Genko: No, it's fine, go on.
!!! page 07
Kobato: Right!

FX: Running footsteps

FX: Flapping

Genko: You're not going? To Ginsei?

Ioryogi: He frankly doesn't want to hear thanks from me for Fujimoto's memories,
Does he?

Zuishou: It's both of you who aren't frank.

FX: *sigh*

Ioryogi: You, do you want to throw your life away!!

FX: *squawking*

FX: *beep*

Genko: Ah, they're done!

FX: Spinning around
!!! page 08
Kohaku: …I see.

So you asked God…

Ginsei: …Hmph.

Kohaku: Thank you very much.

Ginsei: Why are you thanking me?

Kohaku: You granted Kohaku's wish.
My wish that everyone could be happy.

Ginsei: ……
!!! page 09
Kobato: Ginsei-san!

FX: Jogging

Kobato: I'm sorry, I heard that you were with a customer, but…

Kohaku: Please don't worry about it.

Ginsei: What is it?

Kobato: I wanted to say thank you.

For Fujimoto-san's memories…

Ginsei: You too?

Kobato: Huh?
!!! page 10
Ginsei: I did it myself, freely.

Kobato: But, but--

Isn't there anything I can do for you?
I think there's not many things I can do to help, but--

I, Kobato, will do my very best!

Ginsei: …A song.

Kobato: Huh?

Ginsei: Will the two of you sing?

Kobato: The two
!!! page 11
Kohaku: I'm called Kohaku.

Kobato: I--
I'm Kobato.

Kohaku: I'd like to sing with you, Kobato-san.

Kobato: I'd like to sing with you too, Kohaku-san.
!!! page 12-13
Ioryogi: Well, how about that?

Ginsei: …That's more than enough.
!!! page 14
Kobato: Sorry for the wait!

FX: Startled

Fujimoto: Just where did you come from?

FX: exhaling

Kobato: From a wonderful place.
And you can buy baumkuchen there!
!!! page 15
Fujimoto: Are you happy,

Kobato: Yes.

FX: lifting

FX: Squeeze

Fujimoto: That's good, then.
!!! page 16
Kobato: Yes, I really am.

That I can just be happy like this is more than enough.

There's also a scanlation available via the usual sources.
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Date: 2011-11-13 12:52 (UTC)
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Thanks for your translation, as always!

By the way: since you asked to let you know about them, Clamp_now has the Drug&Drop Japanese raws here (

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Date: 2011-11-14 05:40 (UTC)
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You're welcome, and I did see that--thank you!


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