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The Vids

All You Need Is Kill (Edge of Tomorrow)
The Call (MST3K 8x20, Space Mutiny)
Tonari no Gamera (Showa Gamera series)

Just A Dream Away (Star Trek: The Animated Series)

The One You Won't Forget (Agent Carter)

Are You Out There? remaster (Contact)

The Questions

This is hard! I liked all of the vids I made this year, and I was satisfied with all of them. I also made another vid this year exclusive of Festivids that isn't on this list (I've decided just to talk about the vids that have been publicly released in these posts) and I liked that one a lot too. (It'll be on this list next year.) If I had to pick one, either The One You Won't Forget because I love watching Peggy punch dudes, or Just a Dream Away, because I had the idea for so long and I like it so much despite its weirdness and it's exactly what I wanted it to be.

Least Favorite
The one I rewatch the least in this batch is The Call--I think the joke gets old after a while, but I'm still quite pleased with the vid; it does what it says on the tin and what JPM requested and I made it in about 10 days flat. I hadn't even known I could make a vid in 10 days flat.

Most Successful
By any measure, All You Need Is Kill--not only did my recipient like it, so did many other people, and it was actually shown at VVC this year in the Wish You Were Here show, which was hugely flattering. Yay!

Most Underappreciated by the Universe
I make such weird vids I never expect any of mine to be popular, so…I don't know? I feel like every vid I made got at least a few very wonderful comments showing that it was well appreciated by at least a few people. I suppose I did wonder whether the Agent Carter vid would make more of a splash.

Most Fun to Make
The One You Won't Forget, probably--it came together fairly easily and quickly, and it's all about Peggy punching dudes. The Are You Out There? remaster was also pretty fun in that I didn't have to make any high-level decisions about what to put where, I just had to find the right clips and reverse-engineer the edits, and I like the credits I did for it too.

Hardest Vid to Make
Probably Tonari no Gamera, since it was a multi-source vid with differently sized sources and weird aspect ratio problems. But those issues aside, the editing itself wasn't too bad--I had an outline, I stuck to it, and I got to the end with time to spare.

The Things I Learned This Year
An outline will help me. An outline will save me. The outline is the light in dark places when all other lights go out. Also, it's eminently possible for me to make a vid in 10 days flat given enough time, an outline, and the proper clips. I'm not good at clipping (my clips go too long, partly to compensate for the fact that I rarely have specific ideas about what I'm looking for in the clips), but I get the job done.

Planning for Next Year
Submitting premieres to Escapade (definitely), VidUKon, and…maybe VVC? IDK? I kind of want to go to VVC, but I don't think it's going to happen this year because of reasons. I've already made two Festivids and I hope to finish another before the end, so that's exciting. Basically, the plan is: more vids!