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A year ago, my mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of fifty-seven.

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This is my post for the day, so have a link via [personal profile] oursin about Corvus moneduloides, an extraordinarily intelligent species of tool-using crow. Crows! I love crows so much, they are awesome. 
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These opening ceremonies are pretty damn cool, on multiple levels. More on that later.

[personal profile] bravecows has a brief quotation from the dancer Lee Su-Feh that gets right to the crux of what's wrong with cultural appropriation. One word summary: context. (But read the whole interview!)

The New York Times interviews Jenny Sanford, who will soon not be Jenny Sanford anymore. I thought her story, as told by her, was really interesting. Hard not to compare her with Elizabeth Edwards, at least for me.

Barbie's next career is a computer engineer. As someone who stopped playing with Barbies at age six due to her convictions that Barbie was bad for women, I support this career move wholeheartedly.

[personal profile] houbanaut has a post in [community profile] scans_daily about the French comic Adèle and the movie Luc Besson just made of it. Looks pretty cool.

[personal profile] kaigou has an interesting post on writing, and on filing off serial numbers in same.

[personal profile] yhlee wrote me a poem, "Crow Arithmetic", for [ profile] help_haiti. ♥!

[ profile] rachel_manija's poem "Nine Views of the Oracle" is nominated for a Rhysling Award, and is excellent.
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The splash page has crows. Personally, that makes my day.

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