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Chapitre 203: The One By Your Side

After that Shaoran became a prisoner, until he met the same moment as when he turned back time.
To the true Shaoran, who divulged that, Kurogane and company's response is,
While harsh, acceptance of the fact that he is there with them.

Faithful readers will doubtless know that I can't fault Kurogane, Fai and Mokona for their reaction. Still, one hopes they can get over it before the final showdown.

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Date: 2008-10-25 14:23 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm assuming the reaction is "So all this shit is your fault?" correct?

As someone said, even though Shaoran Jr. made those decisions, can you really find fault in a 7-14 year old kid? *which is moot point anyway this is CLAMP for god's sake*

But what would the other alternative have been anyway? Let Sakura die? Let Fei Wong have his wish granted? Speaking of FWR, he's been playing everybody since the beginning like chess pieces, what Shaoran Jr. did is NOTHING compared to what that ass-chin did! And that is saying a lot considering what happened.

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Date: 2008-10-26 00:43 (UTC)
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It's a hell of a story to take in all at once, or even on a weekly basis. I think the rest of the group will get over it eventually--seems they already start to by the end of this chapter, from the spoiler.

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Date: 2008-10-29 18:32 (UTC)
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HI, sorry for the sudden entering #.# and...

I am sure the actual raw chapter should be out in the next day or so... but here's also the detailed spoiler part I found for TRC 203...
I know it is a bit much for me to ask, but is it possible to get a translation for that, PLEASE!!! It seems like there's a bit more reaction and consequence due to the time distortion than it WAS protrayed in the simplified version:

扉絵はちょっと久しぶり? の写身君。绯炎を持ってまたも血みどろ、飞王マークの新衣装。…何気に写身君、暴走してるのにお着替え多い…(扉絵だから!)。


黒钢が外套を翻し、必死に制止するモコナの声に构わず大股で小狼に近づく。…と、ゴツ! と大きな音がして、小狼の头上に拳が留まった。そのまま无言で背を向ける黒钢に惊き呆然とした小狼に、ファイが近づくとぺしん、と両手が頬を优しく打った。「选んだよ」ファイは笑颜で頬を挟むと、もう一度「だから、これ」と缲り返す。




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