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Zuibun hisashiburi nan da ne! Yeah, I fell off the wagon with this one because grad school was just too much work. But, the chapters are shorter, I'm less busy, and I'm working with [ profile] urashichiken as a translator. This translation doesn't have sound FX, so you'll have to check the scanlation for those (not done by me! which is good because the SFX take freaking forever). I'm also following along with the printed manga, and I'm updating the Gate 7 map of Kyoto as things continue.

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Here's the Gate 7 map of Kyoto.

As usual, I'll post to the comms when I'm finished.

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Very much a work in progress; as usual, I'll post to the comms when it's finished. I'm also working on a little Gate 7 tour of Kyoto post, stay tuned… ETA: I made a Gate 7 map of Kyoto. I'll keep updating it as the series goes along. /eta ETA^2: Fixed character name & line attributions in the last few pages thanks to [ profile] sjou and [ profile] la_vie_noire! /eta

Fine vapors escape from whatever is doing the living./The night is cold and delicate and full of angels/Pounding down the living.  )

Finally, while this blog post is an April Fool's joke, it gives you an idea of some of the weirdness that lingers around the edges of some so-called scholarly endeavors, to say nothing of pop culture representations, relating to Nobunaga. He has a titanically bad reputation, to say the least.
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As usual, I will post this to the comms when I'm finished. As usual, that should be by Friday or Saturday. Page numbers follow the scans. ETA: Added in a speech bubble on p. 43 thanks to Anon.

For those looking for some historical background, you could do worse than starting with the Wikipedia article on the Sengoku period and following the links as you fancy. W. G. Beasley's one-volume history of Japan, The Japanese Experience, is also a standard undergraduate text. /eta

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I forgot how long these damn chapters are. Also, as a historian, this one is really fucking creepy. The rest tomorrow or Friday, depending.

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Finished! Oh man, I want to go back to Kyoto so badly.

Perfume my head with forgetting all around me. )

I'm going running, and then there will be coffee and a shower, come hell or high water.
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I don't have time to finish this translation tonight (I have a Chinese test to study for, ack), but here are the first 12 pages. When it's all finished I'll remove the 'in progress' label and post it to the comms. Finished!

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Sorry about the delay on this one. Thanks to Rena-chan for the raws--if you're able, please consider chipping in to help her continue to be able to provide scans! 

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