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Damn, now I want food. EDIT: Rain's stopped, off for a midnight milk run! It's way better than gazing into the abyss of my failed ability to stuff my worldy posessions into my remaining 23Kg of baggage allowance. Yes it's starting to get to me

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I went to the "Shoujo Manga! Girl Power" exhibition last week and the inclusion of CLAMP made me smile. I maintain that T:RC and HOLiC are art (especially volumes 23 and 12, respectively).

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I just read the chapter in Family Mart (seriously, they put the magazines out at midnight sharp) and realized I'd forgotten to do this. So while we're waiting for raws, a translation of the spoiler.

Well, yeah, and the dude should have mentioned that Yuuko has an exquisite sense of timing. Anyway, it was a good chapter, if not quite as dramatic as I was hoping for... After all this time, I was hoping for a bit more...something. And, you know, I'm reminded of what Shaoran's answer was when his son asked if there would come a time to use the sword.
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Just got back from one of the largest fireworks displays in the world (thanks, Church of Pure Liberty!) and apparently tomorrow morning I'm going to a tea-tasting. Let's get to it.

Awkward Mt. Fuji sunburn is peeling. That'll look great tomorrow. Oh well.
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I still have the physical pages of 159 lying around. Anyone willing to scan? Fans will soon owe [profile] nokiirat an electronic beer, or at the very least a hearty thanks.

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Translation: The way of avoiding work that doesn't involve cleaning.

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