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It's good, and also really disorienting, to see all these dead characters alive again.

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The awesome [ profile] chibiyuuto and I have something of a wager going on over whether or not a certain subplot of T:RC will be resolved before the end of the manga, which in a roundabout way led me to agreeing to translate this interview. Thanks to [ profile] undini for the scans and to [ profile] radiomacrossing for the summary.

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First off, business! Thanks to all of you who responded to yesterday's poll--as you've noticed, I have now re-organized the translation-related tags, so hopefully they are much more searchable and easy to use. I gave in to laziness and kept all the spoilers together in one tag, which seemed fitting since the Holic spoiler has quit his/her job.

Second, while I have no intention of leaving LJ at any point, given what's gone down on the business end of the operation in San Fran this week (and apparently earlier in Moscow?), I feel it prudent to point out that I do have the same username at InsaneJournal. I back up my journal every so often with the wonderful freeware Mac program [ profile] xjournal , which I recommend to all of you fellow Apple-head LJers out there; should the site ever go fft!, I will resume operations (and eventually repost all old entries) at IJ.

Without further ado...
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Let me say right off the bat that what I know about this manga comes from the Wikipedia entry, and that I know very little about how to actually play mahjong, as opposed to its social, political, and economic contexts, since my friend the mahjong researcher refuses to teach people how to play anymore. So if I get something wrong here, kindly tell me (kindly), since I want to get things as right as possible.

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Part two, because LJ can't handle long entries.

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I originally translated this manga for my sister back in November. With the re-release of the nice pretty new editions, I figured I'd go back through my old script and post it here in case anyone else was interested in it. I was much less skillful at the translating back then...only 10 months ago; there was a lot I tinkered with.

I suppose I should mention that I've never even seen the English release of Clover, let alone read it, so for anyone who has some of my choices may seem idiosyncratic. Though I'd love to know what the antagonist's name is in the English version...and I'll be interested to page through Dark Horse's version next year.

The cuts conform to the old four-volume editions.

Volume 1 )

Volume 2 )

Follow the fake cut, down the rabbit-hole.


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