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So my friend Sandy, aka [ profile] merin_chan, is doing her doctoral research on transnational animation fans and fandom, and she has a link to her survey about the same up here at her LiveJournal. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel weird saying, "Oo! Survey!" so soon after SurveyFail, but unlike Drs. Ogi and Sai, Sandy isn't a creeper, is a fan, and is a pretty cool person. And unlike their survey, her survey is a) completely anonymous; b) has been approved by an accredited IRB; and c) isn't full of skeevy questions. I took it myself the other day and it only took about 20 minutes. I know there are quite a few international readers of this journal, and I know she's looking for as much non-USA, non-North America participation as possible, so if you feel like checking it out, please do!

And without further ado, this week's chapter, with an OMG crossover at the end. Thanks hugely to [ profile] nekocat17 for the scans!

But I don't want to get over love )
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Thanks to [ profile] mandoric for the raws and scans. Am I the only one who thinks the anime character designs look a little too moe? (Though, [ profile] chibiyuuto, Fujimoto looks less moe here.)

Can I say that we are free? )
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I had a beta version of this all ready to go, and then my email posting incompetency ate it. Bah. I hate doing things twice.

We are the kings of wisdom, the fools as well. )
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If [ profile] ladydarkmoon  can stay up to scan it, I can stay up to translate it.

Let's bury the hatchet like the Beatles & the Stones )
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First off, secret #125 in this post made me LOL rather hard. I agree with you, secret poster, whoever you are!

Oh, and thanks to [ profile] saa_chan  for the scans.

From boring to AWESOME )

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The perils of soccer )
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God, Newtype is pretty. Not quite pretty enough that I can't not sell the ones I've collected this year, though. Anyone interested?

And, unsurprisingly, [personal profile] chibiyuuto was right; some chapters are stretched over two months. This is indeed the real Drop 8, it says so on the splash page (which is very pretty).

Drop.8 )
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No apparent title or number for this chapter. Given that everything's re-numbered and titleless in the tankoubon, I guess Clamp thinks there's no point.

Edit: I'm going with [personal profile] chibiyuuto 's theory that we're getting drops in monthly halves, making this one 7B. I'll call it 7B until next month, which will probably confirm his hypothesis.

Drop 7B )
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This chapter is called Drop 7 on the title page, so that's what we're going with. In the tankoubon the chapters are numbered consecutively anyway, so I don't suppose it matters too much. Without further ado...

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Thanks to [ profile] saa_chan for the scans. Without further ado...(Shippers, go nuts!)

6B )
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I guess I was lying about this not being a habit. But if Newtype is going to have hot Code Geass covers, there's just no way I'm not going to buy it.


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